South African Success Summit – 1 and 2 March 2014, Sandton Convention Centre

With the release of the international movie blockbuster, The Wolf of Wall Street, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leo DiCaprio; there can hardly be a person within media reach who doesn’t know who Jordan Belfort is.

Global Success Summits founder, Greg Secker is delighted to announce, “We are extremely excited to confirm Jordan Belfort will be appearing at the South African Success Summit this year. Although Belfort is a controversial figure, we’ve decided that his story of rags to riches and the pitfalls of success is an incredibly relevant one in today’s high-pressured and fast paced environment. We would like to encourage people to come and hear what he has to say in person and learn firsthand from his experiences.” As Piers Morgan of the Daily Mail stated, ”I liked the real Wolf of Wall Street. It takes courage to change for the better”.

Jordan achieved notoriety as the founder of Long Island’s infamous brokerage firm, Stratton Oakmont, for his exorbitant lifestyle based on the proceeds of illegal ‘pump and dump’ schemes for which he was arrested for fraud and sent to jail. Today, Belfort tours internationally as a motivational speaker sharing his story and views on the question: can you really use The Wolf of Wall Street’s sales tactics to ethically persuade people and make money? Billed as, “The best way to ethically persuade anyone to do anything,” The Wolf of Wall Street-featured “Straight Line Persuasion” has caught the attention of millions wanting to sell or persuade… Yet, is it fact or fantasy?

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