My dear riders on the love train, reclusive love birds and all of you lovely hep cats. The algorithms have spoken and you have been chosen to come and show some love for your musical comrades this October. Pack the tent and clean the dog slobber off the braai grid. Here comes a big one.

For centuries now beatnik poets, minstrels and other essayists have been trying to find the perfect words to express this sensation we call love. We, The Mango Pickers, have no doubt that we are absolutely, crushingly, life-changingly, fabulously, passionately and deliciously in love with OppiKoppi. Like spinning Steve Kekana seven inches at sunset. That smitten feeling. In the words of Tidal Waves: Ha-la-la.

Just one trip to the small and perfectly formed conurbation of Northam coupled with a hefty measure of aural stimulation, dusty dancing and brain joshing, and you will know true love. It’s only two hours from Joburg, check the map at www.oppikoppi.co.za and come and fly the love flag at our romantic little bushveld retreat. Tickets are still available at Plankton.mobi and Computicket.

Pasopa, wena, for our OppiKoppi love beacon burns bright and quietly creeps up on you while you are listening to loud live music and dancing your love handles off. Like the new love button, write a poem and book on a love nest in a tented hotel. It is not about how many days, weeks or months you’ve been together; it’s all about how much you love each other every day. Kreef Hotel, Harambee Hotel, Klein Windhoek Hotel and the new Cycad Hotel are all different but listen to the same sweet songs.