Taking this Woolworths edition to the streets.

Photographer: Gabriel Koketjo Bambo
White shirt: EDITION
Black Chinos: EDITION
Cap: Lacoste
Kicks: Nike Air Max
Jacket: Sol Sol

The Truth
When I got contacted by Woolworths, South Africa about their latest fashion brand. I hoped it wasn’t one of those generic fashion influencer campaign calls. Thank goodness it wasn’t. The request basically asked if I can do a cute little write-up on EDITION, Woolworths’s new fashion brand. Featuring the season’s coolest basics and standout statement pieces.

The twist

I know that no one fashion brand or piece lives independently of other brands in the streets, in their offices maybe. In Johannesburg, the only time you’re caught rocking the same brand head-toe is when you’re seeded(meaning you’re endorsed as an influencer for the brand). This is the melting pot of youth culture and at the forefront of the culture are two elements; Music and fashion. Nothing screams mix-it-up than the emerging new sounds and styles of fashion. In the streets of Jozi, mixing brands up to create the funkiest combo is not a crime at all.It’s actually a way of life. It also showcases the diversity and acceptance of the difference in brands and cultures found in the jungle. The city embraces this.

Mix it up
I then decided that I would mix my fresh EDITION pieces with some of hottest pieces in the streets right now. This is done to demonstrate that EDITION as a brand can be worn proudly with other great pieces to make a statement. It doesn’t negate the fact that they are a Woolies brand and Woolworths is known for the quality of its products. I fused my EDITION pieces to define my style. In closing the collaboration of different garments and brands created fresh “let’s go hang out at the rooftop” look.

Let me send a huge shout out to the boys at ACUTEANGLE PHOTOGRAPHY for holding me down on this shoot.