[Inner-view] – TVC, Music Video & Film Director Zwelethu Radebe Speaks to Twiice.

“I was quite a shy guy at school”

The tide is truly changing and the film industry knows it. Myself, Kay and Bongani have always been unashamedly passionate and vocal about the transformation in various creative industries. Largely because these are the industries black youth are exposed to through entertainment and media also with minimal information to access hence #OpenUpTheIndustry.

I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to converse, share and exchange thoughts with brothers and sisters from different industries. Trailblazers if I may. One of which is young Zwelethu Radebe, Director of the locally popular ‘The Hangman’ short film. A film about a young black man who finds himself working in South Africa’s white-st environment in South Africa’s toughest time. The title is self-explanatory. At a time where racial prejudice was rife and brutally unbearable.

“You know the things that you can’t do become very attractive”

The Hangman is Zwelethu’s baby. Wrote it, directed and now on a journey to making it a feature film. Starting out in Diepkloof, Soweto. Being introduced to the world of commercials in 1999 by his best friend’s father. Unknowingly walking from cast to the director’s chairs. Zweli tells all in the video below.