Director Kyle Lewis and Mother City artist Taps felt a need to create a piece of music & visuals that spoke not only about how cool being young in SA, Africa or the world is… But how the importance of accepting that we are different and that’s ok. A combination heavily lyrical wordsmith MC and a signature Kyle lewis treatment to any piece of creative that he deems worthy of his Midas touch.

Taps(Artist ) was born in Zimbabwe, grew up in America and now resides in Cape Town. “Making music is my passion but making music that impacts is my dream,” says Taps.

“The reason why I feel this track is so special is that there was so much sacrifice that our forefathers had to make in order for us to become a great nation. However, after all that sacrifice, there is still so much hate and anger towards each other. So this song is a call to this new generation to give up this “right/wrong” mentality and accept that we are just different and that’s a great kind of attitude and have us strive for complete freedom for all” Taps continues to menion.

But enough about that, check out the video below: