Defy KM 630 S

As a creative, coffee plays a significant role in how I start my days and drinking the right kind of brew is just as important. I never really took the time making and how it’s made into account. I’ve come to learn that even without barrister. The “machinery” can also determine how good and time factors in when making that all important cup of joe.

I recently got introduced to the DEFY KM 630 S. A coffee machine that saves you time, making you a delicious cup in minutes. Whilst you still must pour the water and coffee beans yourself. It begins to brew your coffee as soon as you hit the start button. All to your required timings to be pre-set. It also is easy to use. With just 4 buttons on the interface. You just know you do not have to do much to enjoy your morning fix.

It also is very easy to setup. Easy to prepare. I think it is fair to say you can rely on DEFY to simplified. My mornings have never been better.