Enter The Cipher Room

Every other year my team and I endeavour to attend the Whiskey Live Festival to further educate our pallates and knowledge on whiskey flavours, notes, blends and expressions.
We were amongst the lovers of the dram attending the 14th annual Whisky Live Festival this year we were the first to taste a mysterious new limited edition single malt by top-selling global single malt brand, The Glenlivet. A whisky created for the single malt adventurer and connoisseur, The Cipher took the centre stage at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg from 9 to 11 November.

We were invited into this dark like room, not the scary type but definitely mysterious. We knew they would give us whiskey in this room and so we went inside curiously. At first we had to dicipher these notes before we could get to tasting this expression. There was a lot more mystery beyond this ‘Cipher room’. The glasses we used to taste the whiskey were darkened to prevent us from seeing the colouration of the whiskey.

The intention was to allow our noses and pallates to discover the flavours, notes and ingredients of this new limited edition Glenlivet Cipher expression. Loads of fun all around the Whiskey Live Festival, but like my good friend Kay always says; “Glenlivet treated us like Beyonce” LOL! I mean photo ops, food on demand and they even made sure we did not leave empty handed, so as I speak to you I’m probably one of a few people in Johannesburg, maybe SA with this expression.
Which I plan to keep as far away from my boys as I possibly can. Nix mapha!
“A true connoisseur appreciates a great whisky with all of their senses. This is what the Cipher Room Experience is all about,” explains The Glenlivet brand manager Eugene Lenford. “This year, we invite visitors to enter the fold of whisky connoisseurs and indulge in the single malt in a fun and immersive way. The unveiling of The Cipher, a limited-edition expression with loads of personality, is another great milestone that we’re eager to share.”

Many thanks to the extended family at Moonwalk down in Cape town especially Asanda & Rebecca for being such awesome hosts. Next time it’s on us ladies… 🙂