A Fresh Remix Of Apples & Ice Cold.

In case you’ve been living under a rock somewhere or a place so remote, wifi dololo, data nayo dololo and internet, well fokol… then you’re probably not aware that Strongbow, yes the beer that once was is now a cider. That beer yamzukwana(back in the day) has revamped, rebranded and relaunched themselves and their product – isphuzo(the drink within) into a great tasting cider…

What I really appreciated about this relaunch & rebranding by Strongbow is how they brought nature into my city, the city of gold, kwandonga ziyaduma and many other cities inculuding the Cape of Goodhope. I’ve lived in the JHB city for over 22 years. It is the most unnatural habitat I know.

For a brand to put together a great tasting cider is obvious but to remix nature in to the city is unheard of. What’s brilliant about it, is taking a debilitated building in an undesirable part of town and bringing elements of nature into it is commendable even by the none-cider-drinking community, “how you like them apples?”

We also witnessed something special at the Neighbourgoods-Market by making it rain 8000 seeded butterflies at a pop-up party with the city’s coolest bunch. You’ve gotta try this cider yoh! And also, maybe plant something in the your city and remix nature.