I had the honour of meeting one of the most important photographers and contributors in hip hop. Now if you don’t know who Jonathan Mannion is, it truly is okay… It really is but if like me you’re born in the 80s and you’ve probably listened to 90s hip hop. It is only fitting that you know that the man behind most of the covers, the artwork or sleeves if you may, with a catalogue that spans as far back as 1995. Jonathan Mannion is truly one of the world’s best historians in as far as the hip-hop culture. If there ever was a man who’s seen it all, this man has.

A big shout out to Hennessy for really looking into bringing a person with such great insight in the most important element of the youth culture across the globe. Jonathan Mannion is no light weight. He is a giant in all shapes and sizes.

From shooting Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt to shooting Outkast,The Game & Dr Dre, Slick Rick The Ruler, Aaliyah, Eminem, Lauryn Hill, Ol Dirty Bastard, DMX, Cash Money Records, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj, Drake and DJ Khaled’s recent album. We had a few minutes with the man and we got as much from him as we could.
Check the video below.

Seeing that the Marshall Mathers LP was my introduction to Hip hop. It was only fitting that I asked Mr Mannion, to stand alongside his work so I could cherish this moment forever and ever because he is probably the most under-appreciated figure in hip hop today. Hopefully, this campaign with Hennessy helps change this outlook.