Let me first introduce you to the e30, box shape, BMW 325i. The BMW E30 is an entry-level luxury car which was produced by BMW from 1982 to 1994. The initial models used the two-door sedan body style, and in following years the four-door sedan, convertible and estate (“touring”) body styles were added.The E36 replaced the E30 in 1990, with E30 saloon production continuing into 1991. The cabriolet version continued to be built to the end of April 1993 and the touring version continued to be built to the end of June 1994.

But, to the township, ghetto and the this the batmobile, the township heroes’ chariot is known as iGusheshe, stosh and or iBotsotso. Spinning is symbolic to community celebrations in the hood. I don’t mean weddings or birthday pairties. I mean national celebrations. Because there never was much to celebrate in the township, when we did. We did it in style. The BMW E30 box shape better know as iBotsotso or iGusheshe screams style.

Spinning has grown from just a celebration on the corner to a fully recognized motorsport in SA. It is 100% local. It is our shameless contribution to the world of motorsports. After many ilegal spinning, drag racing and drift competitions in many secluded areas in the country’s 9 provinces. In 2010 the motorsport was pronounced legal and deemed official.

Some coverage has been afforded to spinning but, not as much as the community of spinners would like. This has changed thanks to eTV station seeing the vision of Ernest Nkosi’s team at the Monarchy Group. I also happen to be a part of the social media agency that does marketing for the TV show. Auditions have taken place nation wide, having taken place in Cape town, Mpumalnage, Jo’burg, Pietermaritzburg and Tshwane.

I thought I knew about spinning but I obviously didn’t know enough. You are going to have to watch the TV show to see what I mean. The shows airs tonight, Friday the 7th of October and will be running till the 30th of December 2016 only E(TV) LOL 🙂