A week before we reinforced our presence as uncontested and unorthodox youth culture blog expects. Having won silver at the African Blogger Awards back to back for top youth culture blog in both 2015/16 and 2016/17. Nadine Kutu from Digify Africa decided to visit our layed back office space in the lavish surburbs of Illovo for a chat about where it is we want take this growing digital media resurgence on the african market from a creatie stand point.

We got an opportunity to discuss the beauty of digital. The flexibility that comes with understanding the internet as a tool and vehicle of communication. South Africa still very slow when it comes to fully comprehending the power of online presence. Marketers in executive position still don’t understand what we are doing but with the first world leading the conversation on digital communication, if an executive of a popular brand reads an article on the power of social media or digital trend forecasting from a certain New York Post or a UK publication. They tend to change their views from communicating the traditional way to converting slightly to the digital realm, allowing a little more financial muscle to support their digital content.

We aren’t used to being on the receiving end of the interview but we gave it our best. We chopped it up and broke it down, check out what we had to say.

Shouts out to Nadine and Digify Africa for the cool interview and the opportunity to share our views…
Photo cred: by Ally Madimetja Fathana of