Eating Out With Twizm : Mr Big Stuff Braamfontein Review

So you may be wondering what the hell is this whole “Eating Out With Twizm” thing is , it’s just me my stomach and restaurants I eat at. I’ve decided to share my adventures with food with you guy’s because I love food and maybe you might find your next best meal right here.

So let’s get into my first spot which is Mr Big Stuff , “a burger joint and diner in Braamfontein” as they call it.I’ve been there a couple of times trying out different meals and me writing this will be non bias because I’ve had a bunch of meals there so yeah what ever I jot down over here is pretty much facts according to my taste buds.

I’ve had a bunch of burgers and waffles at a bunch of places so as soon as I walked into Mr Big Stuff and looked at the menu I knew this would be a challenge taste wise, It took me a good two minutes to decided what I’m going to eat the first time.I looked at the breakfast menu.


I went with the “Chicken Mayo Waffle Sandwich” As you see below it looks scrumptious right!

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 9.54.54 AMlet’s move on to my second visit to this spot.My second visit had me look away from the waffles and straight to the burger menu.

2100f13af4c3c59e2bf79bf95229edc8I went with the “Mac n Cheese Burger” it’s a freakin burger with mac n cheese of course I’m trying to eat mac n cheese paired with  120G pattie what could go wrong right.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.07.07 AMLooks freaking yummy right.

So that’s it for my adventure at Mr Big Stuff, check out the full rating at the bottom of this post and have you’re own review at the comments section.

Eating Out With Twizm : Mr Big Stuff Braamfontein Review
Friendly StaffThe Restaurant is actually easy on the eyes, full of smiley faces and great wooden finishes on the furniture (comfy seats actually)
You can't order alcoholic drinks yet so this is a bummer for me every great burger deserves a beer by it's side
95%Overall Score
Mac n Cheese Burger100%
Chicken Mayo Waffle Sandwich80%
Reader Rating 4 Votes