We all know the story of disenfranchised and unemployed young people who resort to a life of crime and/or Nyaope addiction. For many a young people, the promise of opportunity, of jobs, of wealth, is near impossible if not totally unattainable.


Young people are not sharing in the prosperity of this beautiful country or the ‘Rainbow Nation” if you may, its young people who suffer from the highest unemployment rates. So we (by “we” we mean businesses, governments, the academia) ought to inspire young people and create a culture of ingenuity. We also have to look at what else do young people need other than inspiration, young people need expertise and mentorship to guide them in developing and launching their businesses, meaning we ought to connect young people with the resources they need, provide them the support they need to go from ideation to creation.


Samsung is pretty much leading the pack in that regard, they have a campaign called #MixedTalent where they pair two people from different backgrounds to find an innovative solution during a series of workshops throughout October and November. By incorporating Samsung products in these workshops, they aim to address the issue of unemployment and to create a solution that will assist millennials in realising their dreams for a brighter future.


What’s impressive about Samsung is that they don’t just launch technology, they are committed to launching people’s potential and realizing people’s dreams. A lot of organisations can learn a lot from Samsung, no doubt. For a snack of inspiration, be sure to visit: