Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller has opened up a new chapter , from “But My Mackin Aint Easy” all the way to “Watching Movies With The Sound Off” you can see or in this case hear the transition from Internet Sensation into a commercially successful indie artist. During this time he also learned the downside of success , in the form of depression and addiction,after a dark period or a long night , if you will – Mac Miller is back and presented us ” GO : OD AM ” ( a play on the spelling of ” Good Morning ” ).

The album starts with ” Doors” , a quiet and dreamy tune , which was produced by Tyler, The Creator with drowsy strings and a playful piano sings Miller “I’m not saying ‘that I’m sober , I’m just in a better place”. Looking at the whole album , which also seems to agree, gone are the days of dark and drug confused Mac Miller from 2014 made, with the naive boy who has the platinum hit ” Donald Trump ” written.” GO : OD AM ” is an album of a young man , reflecting on the life, although in contradictions entangled ( ” Perfect Circle / God Speed ​​” ) , but in the end it says he can enjoy his success , instead of complaining about ( ” 100 Grandkids ” ) .

A balanced mind apparently brings a more unified sound with it . Mac Miller’s long-term co-lab partner ID Labs was also this time in charge for the majority of production , and provides us with rich and thrilling Soul arrangements and plenty of bass ( “Brand Name ” ) , bombastic drums ( ” When In Rome ” ) and heavenly synths like on ” Festival “where he features indie-rock band Little Dragon. Mac Miller fits on these beats like chalk and cheese . Whether with his ” Pittsburg like ” drawl ( ” ROS ” ) or how acrobatically on ” Cut The Check” , which is one of the absolute highlights of the album . Chief Keef ‘s Lines such as “I was posted with the hammer , what y’all telling ‘ police / now I wrestle with the racks , b **** , I’m Mick Foley ” , certainly contribute their part in the magic of this album.

I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that there was a guest of Part Lil’B on ” Time Files”. While Mac Miller in his verse the last years and months Revue can happen , the Based God unexpectedly philosophically says” As we keep livin ‘ and keep bein’ positive , all we can do is hold on to memories” and he’s right : The latching time and moments fly past one . For the new and proven Mac Miller one can only hope that his newfound insight and positive moments will last for long .

Mac Miller – GO:OD AM Review
4.9Overall Score