Kabelo Mabelane to Host Brand New Show #PlayYourPart a Brand South Africa Initiative

As South Africa celebrates 20 years of democracy, A truly inspiring South African 13 part, 48 minute magazine TV show titled PLAY YOUR PART, débuts live on SABC 2 on Sunday 15 June 2014. Kabelo Mabelane has demonstrated how he has played his part over the years and is the perfect host for this exciting series aimed at inspiring and igniting South Africans to take action and make a difference in their communities.

“The PLAY YOUR PART TV series” created by Brand South Africa, will be screened weekly on Sunday nights from 15 June 2014 on SABC 2 at 21h00 for 24 weeks with a repeat on an alternative SABC channel.

The show aims to make a positive impact towards the growth and development of South Africans by profiling and showcasing the achievements of ordinary individuals across a broad spectrum of disciplines, who inspire the notion of active citizenship in our country especially over the last 20 years and how their continued efforts, have contributed to our now 20 years of democracy.

The 48 minute show will explore the remarkable journeys of struggle, obstacles, successes, triumph, sometimes tragedy and ultimately finding solutions and creating legacies. “With extensive research, archive footage and interviews, this show will positively contribute to our vision as a country in communicating efforts about transforming society and uniting the country, individuals that fight corruption and building safer communities, reforming public service, improving health care, quality of education, training, innovation and continue promoting active citizenry, where we create a South African society and shared vision towards a better life for all,” says Executive Producer Katie Mohamed.

At the end of each episode there will be a cohesive message and challenge to the viewers to “PLAY THEIR PART” through a call to action.

Brand South Africa’s Director: Strategic Marketing and Communications Ms Wendy Tlou says, “Brand South Africa is pleased to be a part of this initiative aimed at creating a spirit of active citizenship, pride and patriotism in our country. We have much to be proud of during our last 20 years of democracy, but it is time for us all to coalesce around our National Development Plan, Vision 2030, which aims to ensure South Africa’s economic and social growth and development. Active citizenship, pride and patriotism will be crucial in driving the implementation of the Vision 2030 by all stakeholders.”

“I am of the conviction that ordinary South Africans doing extraordinary work should be profiled for the sole reason of inspiring others that they too can make a difference and play their part in moving the country forward,” says Kabelo Mabelane.