The winners in the 2019 Barron Loeries T-shirt and swag bag competition are Vanessa von
Broembsen, Creative Director at M&C Saatchi Abel, and Roanna Williams, Executive
Creative Director at Black River FC, Creative Director of Migrate magazine and a visual
Von Broembsen’s winning T-shirt design cleverly features a single Loerie among a series of
bombs, while Williams’ cavernous mouth with heart and guts exposed, brilliantly captures the
concept of telling stories with heart.
“I wanted to represent the story every creative goes through in the advertising industry,”
explains Von Broembsen. “It’s a story of ups and downs. It’s a story where your ideas get
bombed, a lot, but it’s also a story where once in a while, by some miracle, you come up with
an idea worthy of a pretty shiny bird. And that makes all the late nights, impossible deadlines
and constant rejection worthwhile. Success is 99% failure, and you have to go through a lot of
that to find your Loerie.”
The designs were judged on innovation, quality, relevance to the Loeries brand and to the
Loeries audience who will wear them, as well as to the mediums they will appear on. In all, 57
entries were received and can be viewed on Instagram at loeriesbarrondesign
CCO of TBWA/Hunt/Lascaris Johannesburg and Chairperson of the Creative Circle, Peter
Khoury, offered a definitive overall directive to the judging panel, “We are looking for iconic
visuals.”  The panel included Jineil Kandasamy, Grid Worldwide Creative Director and
Partner; Kyle Light, Designer at FCB; Musa Ndlovu, Barron Marketing and Communications
Manager; Mike Salomon, Chief Commercial Officer at Barron; Laurence Horwitz, founder of
Mama agency; Loeries CEO Andrew Human, and Vanessa von Broemsen.
“Both designs are true to Loeries values and speak directly to the Loeries 2019 theme of
telling better stories,” said Khoury. “The mouth is so emotional. A functional, awesome
illustration that really shows how much heart and guts it takes before truthful and insightful
stories can emerge. The other shows the truth of how many ideas get bombed before a great
one comes along that is worthy of a Loeries Award. The two winners are designs that people
will want to wear long past the event, they have some some street cred to them”.
“The concept behind my illustration was inspired by the Loeries campaign line ‘Tell better
Stories’,” explains Williams. “We all know that the best stories come from real life; from your
heart.  My illustration serves as a reminder to ‘tell stories with heart’. The wide open mouth
becomes a speech bubble and inside that is a heart.  I entered two pieces and I was ecstatic
when I heard the news that one of my illustrations was chosen as a winner. I have just had
my first exhibition and this win puts my art out there even more.”
Salomon and Ndlovu were united in their delight at the quality of the designs received for the
competition, “Barron is inspired by innovation and creativity, we have been Switching Africa’s
favourite brands ON through our extensive Product Media offering for over 29 years. As
sponsors of the Media Innovation category at this year’s Loeries, we’re thrilled with what
we’ve seen. The Media Innovation category focus is specifically on Product Media and
approaches to advertising and it is exactly what the competition delivered. We cannot wait to
print the two winning design onto the 2019 Loeries official T-shirt and swag bag.”

Both winners loved the thought that delegates from Africa, the Middle East and other parts of
the world would be taking their work home with them. “I’m super excited that my design is
going to be worn by some of the most creative minds in the industry,” said Von Broembsen
whilst Williams “just can’t wait to see the swag bag tell stories with heart.” 
Loeries Creative Week 2019 takes place from 22 to 25 August in Durban. Go to
for more info and bookings.