The Loeries had a few questions for the Chairman Tseliso Rangaka and this is what he had to say

1 Please tell us a bit about your professional achievements.
Ogilvy Cape Town ECD, Loeries Chairperson, Cannes Grand Prix Win for ABInBev Carling Black Label
2018, Cannes Jury member for Radio and Audio 2019
2 What makes you excited about brand communications?
Brand communications allows our clients have meaningful connections with people. The power and
ubiquity of modern media means that brands, now more than ever, can have a profound influence
on consumers. It is up to us to help shape that influence into a positive force.
3 What new skills and technologies do you see coming through in media and advertising right
Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, so a firm grasp on innovation and trends is more important
than ever. This combined with extreme human empathy and understanding is what will drive the
industry forward.
4 What is unique about brand communications in Africa and the Middle East?
Africa and the Middle East have long, perhaps unfairly, been the underdogs when it comes to this
industry. We have exacerbated this by emulating what the other regions do at the expense of our
unique voice. I’m happy to say that the trend is shifting and we are seeing the value of infusing our
work with stories, insights and the diversity of culture that is unique to us.
5 What kind of innovation and creative work are you hoping will come out of the Loeries 2019?
I’m looking forward to seeing strong local and regional work that can stand with the best in the
6 Do you think the tenets of a successful media campaign are universal?
Yes they are. A strong consumer insight, innovation, and brilliant execution will always lead to
7 Why do we need to expose high school kids to the advertising industry as a possible future
career path?
The industry is its own best kept secret and has been attracting a very specific type of creative
person. If we all agree that diversity is the fuel we need to run, then we must widen the aperture
and look in places we haven’t traditionally searched for talent. High school kids need to be exposed
to the industry in order for them to consider advertising as a potential career.
10 Why is it important for creative talent to strive for awards such as the Loeries?
Advertising awards are the best way for creative talent to profile themselves within the industry.
Shining on the Loeries stage is a really good way to build one’s brand as a creative. It’s also a way to
inspire other creatives to make the best work they can for their clients and agencies.