Sphe and Naves speak on their latest single #Bhampa


After weeks of telephone calls, emails and non-stop Whatsapp messages, I finally get a date and a confirmed interview from the Kings Of The Weekend. The two guys are quite different in their similarities. From afar it seems the two cats are opposites in character but after seating with them I saw quite a lot of shared qualities and what has probably kept them together for so many years of friendship and work.


I am in “Durban” because it’s “July” and you know what the situation already looks like, this time of the year in Mzansi’s event calendar. The two words go together like “salt & pepper” Durban-July, anyway I digress. Since I’m in Durban and the duo has a massive radio show at one of the country’s fastest growing youth radio stations, Gagasi FM. We agreed to meet at the radio station a few hours before their show. Like all DJs on prime time radio, the pair are like the superstars of the station. Sphectacula is in a light green Butan Tee and Naves in a black jacket. They greet their colleagues at the door and quickly make their way to myself and a friend sitting on the red couch in the reception area of the radio station. We exchange pleasantries and move into a boardroom that looks like all the important decisions of this establishment are potentially made there.

I didn’t want to waste time and I had non to waste. So, I kicked straight into the questions.

Here’s an audio clip of my interview with the kings of the weekend: