Since the primary days when Jazz records were first played at OppiKoppi, DJ Bob has
carefully nurtured his motley audience to become familiar with other worldly Jazz and Funk sounds and has always brought new and exciting bands and sounds to the festival via the Sipho Gumede (206) Stage for 12 years, and then (only just) hosting the closing party at the upstairs bar for 8 years.

Some speculate that all of this was done in preparation for DJ Bob’s Jazz Club which was launched to much acclaim at OppiKoppi last year. This year the collective returns with over-loaded record bags and a stellar line-up of Azanian selectors. The Jazz Club is conveniently situated in a shady spot at the triangle junction and comes complete with breakfast stalls, coffee shop, art gallery, wine bar and lounge areas. Check out the Mabhlekfas Sessions from 10am daily offering poetry, comedy and carefully selected live Jazz performances before the dj’s kick it off at midday until moer late at night. The most remarkable thing about DJ Bob’s Jazz Club this year must be the line-up. These DJ’s are supreme authorities on fine music, stealthy stalkers of unique sounds and collectors of outstanding records:

Naledi Chai, better known as Mama Zeph is a Johannesburg based DJ, multidisciplinary visual artist and researcher and is also one half of The Fly Machine Sessions. Mama Zeph curates her sets meticulously around methods of storytelling that are non-conventional and vastly themed. She has a keen curiosity toward the experimental and psychedelic sound of the 70’s in Africa, playing a wide selection of rock, punk, heavy chorale gospel, prog rock and soul. You want to be there when she brings on the Jazz.

El Corazon (Atiyyah Khan) is a selector, crate-digger, event organiser and archivist who
spins records as a way to communicate through sound. Her sets explore music beyond
boundaries and form transcontinental connections linking the global south to the rest of the world in order to evoke curiosity in the possibility of sound. As one half of Future Nostalgia, she plays dub, cumbia, jazz, soul, funk and music from the continent. By day, Atiyyah works as an arts journalist and music writer, based in Cape Town. She freelances documenting visual arts, theatre, music, film and other forms of culture in South Africa.

Nicky B is an artist, innovator, internationally acclaimed DJ, music specialist, producer and radio show host of The World Show on Kaya FM for about 95 years now. She is loved across the globe for her knowledge of African music, World Music and Global beats. A pioneer of South Africa’s public art movement, Nicky B is an educator, writer, compiler, performer, producer and South African Icon. OppiKoppi is honoured and thrilled to finally have Nicky B play at the festival.


Mxolisi Makhubo is interested in the transatlantic conversations between the musics frommthe Black diaspora with a bias towards the jazz accents. He is interested in the effect of technology in the evolving modalities of African modern musics and how these systems evolve to bypass co-option. In the last few years Mxolisi has been researching the relationships between the parallels of South Africa’s political and musical developments.

Sumthin Brown, a name inspired by the colour of her skin, is a growing household name within the alternative music DJ scene where most have given her a term of endearment: The DJ in a Doek. From psychedelic jazz to funk and hip hop to samba, her sets are fashioned to cater for a wide and discerning audience. She is a proud member of the Femme Kollective Experiment, a group of young women pushing the boundaries of Jazz and dance music as
we know it.

Bubbles This veteran of the Bushveld brings his musical guerilla tactics to DJ Bob’s Jazz
Club. He has played many stages at OppiKoppi and his experience and love of late night
Funk and Space Jazz makes for illimitable entertainment. Check out the back to back set with DJ Bob on Saturday afternoon.

DJ Bob has been holding it down on the decks every year at OppiKoppi since 1997. The
original OppiKoppi DJ collects, educates, hosts, facilitates and empowers, all the while
entertaining with a catholic choice of Funk and Jazz inspired music. He has been active inthe music business since 1989 and shows no signs of stopping now. Come and have a chat. Remember that experience counts and the worlds are bigger than you think. Free Jazz. Because, if you think about it, the very essence of Jazz lends itself to experimentation, improvisation and collaboration. Come see how we do it, Nomakanjani.