On the 2nd of June 2018 at 11am till 5pm, the outer fields of the King Zwelithini Stadium in Umlazi will be transformed for The Red Bull Amaphiko Social Innovation Festival.

This unique event is a showcase of innovative local solutions to some of the social challenges faced in South African communities, as well as a celebration of community spirit and creativity.

It’s yet another way in which Red Bull “gives wings” to people who push boundaries, excel and rise above their limitations – in this case, grassroots social entrepreneurs who are making a positive difference in their communities.

The Red Bull Social Innovation Festival is part of the Red Bull Amaphiko program, and seeks to provide an opportunity for residents of Umlazi to gather, interact and discover their neighbourhood and welcomes visitors from surrounding communities.  The festival route will include a journey through innovative ideas from Red Bull Amaphiko participants, and will also involve a range of organised and spontaneous activities on the street.

Umlazi residents, guests from surrounding neighbourhoods and members of the broader community and general public are encouraged to join in the celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship in a friendly and secure environment with lots of activities for kids and the whole family. The festival is an opportunity for Umlazi to celebrate its community and community leaders who work to make their space safer and more creative.

The intention is to have fun, meet interesting people and explore. The Red Bull Amaphiko Social Innovation Festival brings together key ingredients with an extra dose of inspiring ideas from young South African entrepreneurs.

One of the central highlights of The Red Bull Social Innovation Festival will be the extraordinary work of the social entrepreneurs that contributes to Umlazi. In this way, it becomes an opportunity for attendees and members of the community to interact with local entrepreneurs and build their community together. The aim of the festival in Umlazi is to use creativity to build a stronger community, healthier citizens and an improved quality of life.

Social entrepreneurs who will showcase their innovations include:

  • Murendeni Mafumo (Kusini Water)

Murendeni Mafumo will be showcasing how the filtering of Kusini Water Franchise model process works. A mock container scenario will be constructed for Murendeni to operate out of on the day, creating a real life KWSFM experience. Murendeni will be filtering water through a transparent filter for people to experience the filtration process and will be selling that freshly filtered water on the day.





  • Brian Mokhachane (Soul Art Foundation)

Brian and artisans will go through upcycled material to produce the bags and by having a trainee artisan present with Brian on the day.

There will be one-hour workshops for every 10-15 persons at three intervals on the day in which “upcycled” journals are made from discarded materials, some even collected on the day at the festival, for each participant to take with them.

Brian will work on bag elements on a domestic machine between workshops.

The bags will then be on display and for sale during the Red Bull Amaphiko Social Innovation Festival.


  • Nozipho Zulu (ZuluGal Retro)

Nozipho and her producers go through upcycled material in converting trash to treasure. One/a couple of producers will be producing on the day and one member of the team will engage with festival goers encouraging them to clean their wrappers (trash) and show them a basic weaving pattern using their trash.

Nozipho will work on simple stitch bags on a domestic machine whilst engaging with festival goers on the manufacturing process. These bags and accessories will be on display and for sale during the Red Bull Amaphiko Social Innovation Festival.


  • Bathabile Mpofu (ChemStart)

Bathabile showcases science visually through demonstrations giving festival goers the experience of experimenting. Demonstrations will be held throughout the day, where there will be 13 experiments in total e.g. the properties of gases, an experiment producing CO2 as a fire extinguisher, carrying fire in your hand trick, etc.

There will be an opportunity for active audience members to take part and be educated on interesting facts around African Scientists and partake in their own experiments overseen by Bathabile. A ChemStart kit giveaway will run on social media, post the event to drive traffic to their online platforms.


  • Ian Dommisse (EcoBricks)

EcoBricks facts will be highlighted at each workshop. These EcoBricks will be left at a Community Centre for folks to enjoy post the Red Bull Social Innovation Festival.

At completion, participants can partake in a quiz on a leaflet that will be collected and a lucky draw will take place for a prize (hamper with reusable straw, mug, etc.) later in the day.

On the reverse of the leaflet the participant will be encouraged to say what their EcoBrick construction wish is for Umlazi, which will feed into a potential community project to be executed in the lead up to the Red Bull Amaphiko Academy 2019 or a stand-alone EcoBrick project.






  • Buhle Sithela (Ekasi Pop Up Cinema)

Celebration of local or locally produced short films.

Buhle Sithela, hosts screenings showcasing local short films, between 10-20min each, which will run throughout the day in a mock 20 seater hut/shack cinema to block out the light and noise.


Additional activities and events at the festival will include workshops, dance, music, technology and aerobics conducted by Umlazi community leader Qiniso.

The Red Bull Amaphiko Social Innovation Festival forms part of the Red Bull Amaphiko Academy, a residential program in which participants will connect and collaborate with some of the world’s leading innovators, entrepreneurs and storytellers. The academy aims to give them the inspiration, mentorship, practical skills and tools they need to take themselves and their projects to the next level. The workshops include the likes of Gcina Mhlope on storytelling, Rof on social media as well as Legalese dealing with the legal aspects of protecting your innovations.

Red Bull believes that the social challenges of a country like South Africa are most effectively addressed when ordinary people find innovative solutions to problems in their own communities. The Red Bull Amaphiko Social Innovation Festival aims to celebrate the achievements of individuals creating social change with a wider audience, with the hope of inspiring and empowering others to make a difference in their own way.


The Red Bull Amaphiko Social Innovation Festival takes place on 2 June in Umlazi, Durban, at King Zwelithini Stadium outer lying fields between 8am and 5pm.