The Glenlivet Whisky x Tailor Me Quarterly Master Class



A few weeks ago I attended a work function but for me work has become a sort of fun time. So, maybe it wasn’t as much work as it was really enjoyment to put it mildly. I managed to corner Isaac Pooe, the ambassador for The Glenlivet Whisky in South Africa to have a chat with me about what it takes to be an ambassador and who the actual target audience is for the whisky brand.

Isaac and I can generally speak about anything and everything under the sun but in this interview we had to pay the bills. I am incredibly excited to be dropping this work because we at Book Of Swag also happened to be the media partner for this sort after event. The gents were dressed to the nines and ladies looked stunning. Let me actually “shut up” to quote our esteemed President. LOL.

Please watch the video below: