Remy Martin x Land Rover experience.

It is always impressive when two giants seamlessly come together to create an unforgettable experience for their shared audiences. Each brand bringing their strength for the pleasure and an enhanced taste of having the best of both.

I am one of the few people who were invited to the smaller scale experience out in Kyalama, north of Joburg. Remy Martin teamed up with Land Rover to bring their people an experience none would soon forget.

The luxury off-road SUV’s latest whip is a sheer pleasure to drive. Just so we are clear when the festivities started there wasn’t any Remy Martin because we are responsible adults and also the Land Rover team wasn’t letting anything slide. Seatbelts and drivers licenses were requested as a strict prerequisite just like the popos do… It had to be done.

After finding out how smart the vehicles actually have become. We all kind of realized that maybe in a few years’ time we would have no need for licenses and hopefully the popos (LOL)… jokes.

So, we hit the Land Rover Experience facility in Kyalami to put the cars to the test. We quickly learned that ‘hill decent control’ is a real thing. Have you ever tried driving down a hill without breaking and suddenly the intelligence in the car knew exactly when and how to break? This driving was thrilling, educational and exhilarating.

Half way through the day, everybody had worked up or driven up an appetite (whatever that means). In comes Mini, not the car. The gentlemen to ask about anything and everything Remy Martin. The brand representative knew the history of this iconic brand. The man pushed all the right buttons when faced with challenging questions. He went around the room introducing himself and really allowing people to enjoy the champagne cognac however they pleased. “There isn’t a method or structure to enjoying the Remy Martin” Minenhle insisted.

We popped the VSOP and the 1738 to much appreciation from the audience as calm and scents of joy filled the room. We were all familiar now. I mean we drove the best SUVs and then we were sipping the best of the best.

This is exactly what they meant by life goals.