Usain Bolt Dares South Africans To Celebrate Their Next Victory


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About the Met:

In the thrilling build-up to Africa’s most prestigious horseracing event, Bolt will encourage fans of Mumm to celebrate their way to victory, not waiting for the finish line to pop the champagne as he has done throughout his career, adopting the positive mind-set of a true champion.  “We are extremely excited to be hosting our CEO Usain Bolt at Africa’s greatest race day and invite those daring enough to celebrate their next victories with us on the 27th of January 2018” – GH Mumm Management.

The Sun Met Celebrated with Mumm is a major highlight on the African horseracing and social calendars, and with the chief entertainment officer, Usain Bolt, joining the celebrations, the event is set to deliver a memorable experience. Attendees can expect to see 13 powerful races on top of world-class entertainment and equestrian-inspired elegance.

Event Details

Date: 27 January 2018

Time: 10:30am

Venue: Kenilworth Racecourse, Cape Town, South Africa


General Admission R200.00

Circa Turf Club R2,679.00

Circa Trackside Deck R3,414.30

Circa Winning Post Pav R5,124.30