Rosebank’s popular First Thursday’s came alive on the 2nd of November 2017 as Steers launched the Respek Nation campaign. Trailblazers in hip hop descended on Cutthroat Entertainment’s La Familia store as various elements of the culture were showcased paying respect to hip hop through three of the country’s hottest emerging rappers.

The Steers Respek Nation is a collaboration with leading online hip-hop magazine The Plug and is a celebration of the culture of Hip Hop which has emerged as a powerful voice for South African youth. The groundbreaking campaign is a first for the brand and pays respect to the culture from music to fashion and photography in support of the brand’s new Rib King promotion which launched in stores on the 31st of October.


Respek Nation’s trailblazers include acclaimed rapper Shane Eagle, “Internet Boy” J Molley and upcoming rapper TTGO. These three artists are driving the culture forward through their incredible music and leading movements that are resonating with legions of their followers. Movements create conversation that bring a sense of belonging. When executed with an actual identity, they become effortless and appealing to the youth.


The event was hosted by Highveld Stereo’s Ayanda MVP who introduced the campaign to those in attendance. Shane Eagle performed his hit song “Let It Flow”, with J Molley proving why he is the leader of the new wave with his performance of TTGO kept guests on their feet with his catchy new release Gorgeous.

Images from the Respek Nation series were showcased which included the unveiling of The Plug’s November cover issue as well as images that will form part of the series over the course of November. Seen at the launch were the likes of Sefolosha hit maker Stilo Magolide and emerging artists MK Fresh & KLY. Each whom have begun to carve out their own journeys in within the culture of hip hop.


“South Africa has witnessed the rebirth of hip hop culture and great talents have unfolded in front of us, but we never focus on where the greatness stems from. Steers has taken it upon itself to show respect to this unstoppable movement and we are here to celebrate its superstars and support their success” said Steers Marketing Executive Adolf Fourie.


The Steers Respek Nation series will be featured on The Plug’s Online platform throughout the month of November.