I wanted to write a blog post about beer because I thought it would be fun and easy, then I realised that although I have acquired the taste of beer…I have not acquired the skills necessary to effectively describe the complexities of a beer in a relatable way. Then I figured I should just tell you the  story of how one day I called one of my employees, Natasha Narainsamy, and had her laying on my chest and whispering sweet nothings in my stretched ears on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the heart of Joburg City, and how we ended up drinking lots and lots of Amstel Radler and finding our ultimate chilaz moments. Ok..ok, I am joking about her laying on my chest and whispering sweet nothings in my stretched ears, but we did drink lots of Amstel Radler.
So I was bored in my beautiful loft right next door to David Tlale, I didn’t know what to do with myself (I am being celibate for a few months), I drunk texted Thembi Seete to come to my beautiful loft right next door to David Tlale to play foozball but her phone was off, I called Bongani but he was in Pretoria being a boyfriend, I didn’t feel like seeing Rendani and Lerato because they are annoying…so I called Natasha even though we don’t always see eye to eye. She was there in no time but, we couldn’t agree on what to do. She wanted to go rock climbing, she tried convincing  me that there is something thrilling about touching the highest point of the rock and looking down to see the ground far below you. Honestly, I wanted to do anything, I was tired of being glued to my newly bought couch, ordering the same Jollof rice served with fried plantain and beef, watching the same Netflix shows BUT I wasn’t going rock climbing.


After the 12th of never, we decided we should rather do things we really like doing. It was simple: I like art galleries and museums and Natasha likes getting tattooed. We went to Stevenson Gallery in Braamfontein to see the work of  Steven Cohen, titled: Put Your Heart Under Your Feet…And Walk!, I walked about the gallery, sipping on my Amstel Radler and I experienced euphoria, I experienced nirvana, I had found my ultimate chilaz moment, I had found my #ThisIsRadler moment.
Then we went to Alexander to see the Ink God, Thato Mokhadi and Natasha got a lotus flower tattooed on her back. Oh, did I mention that the ever so annoying Lerato met up with us in Alexander? Yucks. Anyway, Natasha plonked herself into the chair, and contorted her face as soon as Ink God started tattooing her, and screamed “oooohhhhhhh yeaaaahhhhhhhh”. When she was done we all shared an Amstel Radler. She was experiencing her #ThisIsRadler moment. I know for sure that there is something in that Amstel Radler, I have seen Natasha get tattooed a few times but I have never seen her have an out of body experience like that. So it must be the Amstel Radler, you should try it. It’s GREAT, Slow Brewed, Extra Matured beer  mixed with real lemon juice AND only has  3% alcohol by volume.