Johannesburg, Thursday, 14th September 2017 – In continuing a legacy of artistic collaboration that spans centuries, Hennessy recently celebrated the latest art-inspired packaging of the Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition collaboration in South Africa with a visit from New York’s Harlem born graffiti artist-turned-art world phenomenon urban artist, JonOne. To demonstrate its longstanding and genuine interest in the arts, the #1 cognac brand in the market and producer of the finest cognac in the world, Hennessy, has donated 1 000 Montana spray cans towards Kaslam Street Art Jam 2017 which aims to transform township murals with beautiful pieces of art.

“Hennessy has collaborated with various artists globally, the most recent being JonOne. In the month that South Africa celebrates Heritage month, it is vital that we also support our local arts. In support of the growing art culture in Soweto and to build and instil pride within the township, it was a natural fit for Hennessy to support renowned artist, Senzo Nhlapo in realizing the artistic vision deeply rooted in Soweto,” says Michael Ellingworth, Moët Hennessy South Africa Market Manager.

The donated 1 000 spray cans will cover ten murals around Soweto including the first wine shop, Morara Wines and Spirits Emporium, the iconic and unfortunately now dilapidated Eyethu Cinema, one of several community arts centres that emerged after the June 1976 Soweto uprising, Funda Art Centre, and Mfolo Bridge amongst a lost list of iconic locations in the township. In further support of the local artist during the annual celebration of Art Month in September, Hennessy collaborated with Mr. Nhlapo and emerging local artists including Prefix66, Scelo Kunene, Sibusiso Sibanyoni and Mxolisi to paint four sponsored Hennessy murals in the township to pay homage to the brand’s motto: “Never stop. Never settle”.

“The 1000 spray cans donation from Hennessy to paint Soweto’s historical sites are greatly appreciated and will be significant in transforming Soweto into an illustrious street art hub. The aim of the Kaslam project is to create street art tours that will give art lovers and art fundis an authentic Soweto art experience when visiting our city. Each art piece will be located on historical and heritage sites with the aim to increase the traffic and tourism to Soweto,” added Senzo Nhlapo.

Created by internationally known and Soweto born local visual artist, Senzo Nhlapo and Senzart911 together with Eyethu Gallery and BazArt, Kaslam Street Art Jam 2017 focuses on public art by engaging the extended artists and business in tourism and schools in the community. Through this initiative, socioeconomic networks and employment opportunities have been created over the years and an alternative narrative rewritten for art in South African townships.

“Supporting local arts and celebrating our unique culture in Soweto with this campaign during Art Month, means that as a brand we are able to bring our brand values to life locally, while connecting with consumers and young up-and-coming art community through the passion point of art. JonOne has an incredible story to share which started in New York subways and is now showcased in fine art galleries across the globe. Hennessy is a luxury brand that is embraced as local in every country and culture. In South Africa, we are proud of our brand relevance whether in a local tavern in Soweto or a 5-Star Hotel in Sandton,” concludes Ellingworth.

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