STEERS, the home of SA’s 100% Beef Patty has partnered with rapper Reason for the launch of their new Mjojo Burger.

This is a one of a kind partnership between the Steers brand and Reason whom many see as a curator of cool and an ambassador for all things authentic. The move will see the brand channel efforts towards establishing a formidable market presence within the segments that consist of black males between the ages of 21-29. Afrillenials are found in this market and this partnership with Reason will amplify messaging that is authentic and tailor-made specifically to court the attention of these unapologetic curators of cool.

Mjojo is a popular term among SA youth that is synonymous with a feeling of awesomeness and brand has partnered with Reason to share his #Mjojo moments to motivate followers and fans to do the same. The launch approach has been one that is not so much around pushing product but more around prompting the public to share their own moments of awesomeness using #Mjojo as a hashtag.

“This partnership with musician Reason has allowed us to venture into unique spaces that our brand had previously not aligned with, we are glad to be at the forefront of new age thinking that leverages brand building opportunities off of relationships and to be championing an approach that creates brand awareness in a way that is relatable to our consumers” said Steers Marketing Executive, Adolf Fourie.

Reason who will headline this the Mjojo campaign is joined by fellow musicians including Speedsta , Major League Djz and Gemini Major who are also a part of the campaign.