En klek do you cav what vibed in the nineties? Do you have any recollection of this golden era? Man, it was an era of many firsts, especially in Mzansi. If you don’t cav let me, like the RE brand team from Woolies, REwind the clock a little.

The 90s were truly a grand time. A blend of new beginnings and a touch of old aesthetics & flair. The lingo was a fusion of kofifi and the vibrant emerging pseudo-urban township slang now known as tsotsi taal.

The beginning of new sounds – is’gughu, is’dwadlo(the threads) and attitude – uk’hlakanipha. In the 90s the slow decline of tape decks and hi-fis was the birth of CD players and multiple CD changers. In the heart of the youth culture a new wave was brewing, the offspring of American rap music and our very own bubblegum/pop music – Kwaito was born.

Kwaito wasn’t a music genre. It was a buzzing sound of a new culture of expressionists who needed to carve their own path and voice out their frustrations and joys in a way only they understood. It was a fashion statement, the command of the street jargon and a birth of a whole new era.

The 90s didn’t just belong to kwaito, oh no! It also happened to be the glory days of some of RnB’s greatest treasures, the classics and the creators of these classics. Memorable TV shows such as Masenya, Sdumo, Days of our lives & Hlala Kwabafileyo to mention a few. Times have evolved and changed quickly since then. The 90s ain’t nothing but a damn memory now… well that’s if you weren’t at the Woolies RE: brand 90’s #REwindJozi party to relive those moments one more time.

Wait, allow me to recount the amount of reliving & throwback material we experienced at the modern Thirteen gallery in Braam this past Saturday: The plastic-wrapped couch with the wooden hand rest, the porcelain dogs, the nostalgic arcade games featuring Pac-man, Street Fighter, Metal Slug & King Of Fighters… The chewies weren’t left out either, I mean I munched on rascals & a chomp between my G&T breaks.

A sick line up of DJs & artists but, before releasing the demonic DJ Kentzhero to drive us all back to those high school, childhood memory lanes. We enjoyed a bit of the coolest acts in the scene right now. Nasty C stopped by to do what he has come to be revered for, but before him was the Kaapstap NAAIER, Cape town’s hottest MCee out right now – Youngsta. This man turned many none believers into believers of real, raw & authentic rap. The tone was set and the vibe was totally elevated by now.

The RE: brand team at Woolies clearly understands the wedding of two eras, young & old, both in fashion and street culture. Seeing that the musical segment of the event had the DJs playing nothing but the old school classic jams and the performing artists brought out the most relevant of tunes and in my humble opinion, the best performer of the night had to be Kwesta Dakar. With a Live band and all, Kwesta delivered an immaculate performance. The night though, was to be swept away but the uncompromising DJ Kentzhero. He turned us the ‘F’ up, he messed with our emotions, he made us dance, bump our heads and sing.

REwind Jozi? Nah… REwind time. We relived the 90s, thanks to the RE: brand team, who must understand the importance of breaching the gap between the old school and new school to create threads of the future.