Steers Create Shout Burgers To #MAKEAREALDIFFERENCE

The home of SAs flamed-grilled burger; STEERS, in partnership with the SHOUT foundation has recently launched the SHOUT Burger Combo as a concerted effort to make a Real Difference. The media launch took place on August 27th at the Dainfern Square Steers branch, Johannesburg.

The partnership came up with a bold challenge to sell A MILLION SHOUT BURGERS with the aim to raise funds for a noteworthy cause. This cause involves a mission at the heart of the SHOUT foundation which is to build libraries where they are needed most in our communities. The SHOUT foundation is founded and led by legendary South African musicians Danny K and Kabelo Mabalane who are undeniable touchstones and a positive influence to many of SA’s youth.
A portion of every SHOUT Burger combo purchase will be set aside to aide in this important and sustainable community building work and so all hands are needed on deck to make this initiative a success, for the greater good.

So we caught up with Bouga luv and Danny K:

Twiice: This is a cool way to reinvent a classic, shout SA is a classic brand. why did you choose to go with education and building libraries this time around?


The genesis of the whole thing is Lucky Dube’s murder. The South African brand on an international platform was tainted. We felt we needed to do something. We wanted to put a positive message out there, against crime, to fight this crime monster. How are we going to do it Buy garments for police, donate money to drug rehabilitation centers. Sponsor ex offenders. We were kind of at sixes sevens at what it was were going do. Until our ad agency Network BBDO gave us this idea of building these libraries. We understood that crime is linked to a lack of education. We want to give kids an opportunity to another world through books.

Twiice: How many Libraries have you built already and what is the ideal target to be reached?

Danny K:

We’ve done 5 already. These aren’t like small buildings. They’re expensive, fancy structures and they take time to build. Our philosophy was if we built container libraries, that are uninspiring. That doesn’t allow the child to escape into a different world. They’re not going to find an inspiration to learn. So, we’ve built colorful, sexy buildings. They cost us a lot & we built them all over the country, we’ll build another one by the end of January and then with the Steers campaign we hope to build another 3 or 4. So I’d say in the next 12 – 24 months we’ll have about 10 around South Africa. We will never know how many other corporates will see what we are doing through perhaps reading an article on Book Of Swag. Someone reads it and they sponsor a library. It’s infinite the growth.

Do you guys plan to activate within these libraries, do you plan to inject some of your artistic creativity and experience into these libraries?

Danny K:

If you go into these libraries, you’ll find that there aren’t the plain old generic library books. We’ve put books on lifestyle. We show the kids that we care, that we fell in love with books. We show that books helped us create our careers. We show the paramount importance of reading. If you want to be a musician, an engineer, a doctor and or… It all starts with books.


It’s across the spectrum.
Twiice: How did this particular collaboration come about? You’ve done music before and other campaigns of significance in the past 10 years.

I guess it’s the creative persistence. We have a great team. You carry on knocking on different doors. They were willing to hear what we had to say. Our chairman, Danny’s dad; Gavin Copel met with them {Steers} and turns out it’s something they were interested in doing. We just took the discussion further. If you want to make a difference. It requires you to be quite hectic about it.

Danny K:

And Steers were a great partner for us because they are a proudly South African brand and have been around for a long time, they are cool. They have a real commitment to SA, that’s very authentic for them. They’ve had a music connection, so all of that made for a good marriage

Twiice: Beyond a million Shout burger purchases, what can South Africans do beyond this action?

Danny K:

And you’ve made a difference by the way, just buy buying your favorite meal. So every shout burger purchased R2 is donated towards our course. It’s like a vote and we’ve learned anything about votes it is that every vote counts.


To add to Danny’s answer as well. Do something in your community. There’s plenty unsung heroes who do just that. you don’t have to famous to get this done.

So get you a shout burger and help these dudes build a lot more cool libraries in the hoods of the country. Where reading and education is needed most.