I think it is befitting to take our hats off to the OG; Don Laka for standing and publicly speaking out about the travesty South African artists have endured in the past in as far as radio airplay is concerned.
We’ve all or perhaps some have had the experience of losing a great artist who contributed immensely to our entertainment and popular culture, to have news about financial mismanagement resulting in an iconic artist dying poor, in turn making the family left behind to suffer famously.

The jig is finally up, the royalty rate for local music hit makers has finally risen. The biggest broadcasting platform in the country has finally seen reason. Millions of dollars in royalties have gone off-shore because our local radio stations music compilers sort to play Beyonce after Beyonce after Beyonce and then a hint of Cassper here and a touch of AKA there.

It never made sense to me, everyday I received mail from young cats requesting help with connections at radio stations or to shine some sort of light on them and their music endeavors. So I would imagine the high and might music compilers also received a fair share of local, young and upcoming talent in their inbox on a daily basis begging to be playlisted.
As from this day(May 12, 2016) onwards the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), has in a bid to ensure that broadcasters prioritises more local content that reflects the diversity of SA cultures, met with various stakeholders to ensure that this is achieved.

Following extensive and successful engagements with soe music representatives. The broadcaster has taken a decision to implement 90% of local music across the 18 radio stations as from today. The SABC will engage it’s audiences to evaluate whether the audiences are satisfied with these changes.

This process will pave the way for the corportion to make an informed decision going forward. The music to be played will be across all genres.
We couldn’t be happier for those responsible for our local turn ups. Back to the studio now, because it will still be quality over quantity.