Something BIG is going to happen on Wednesday the 18th of February, a first for South Africa if not the world, and good news is you can be a part of it too, you can be a part of history being made. I wouldn’t want to kill you with anticipation, so I’ll spell it out for you. The coolest creative agency in content marketing and social media Book Of Swag has teamed up with the coolest film company in South Africa, CoalStove, and we’ve set out to breaking the internet on Wednesday the 18th prior to the premier of South Africa’s first dance film called Hear Me Move.


#HearMeMoveFilm features energetic Sbujwa and Pantsula dance sequences, choreographed by the award-winning Paul Modjadji, that play out against the backdrop of a gritty urban Johannesburg seldom seen on the silver screen. The film tells the story of Muzi, the son of a legendary township pantsula dancer.When tragedy struck and his father is murdered, young Muzi promised his mother to give up dancing, but, it turns out his father’s death was not as everyone believed it to be. What follows is Muzi trying to find out the truth about his father’s murder, so he joins a dance crew, making enemies along the way, much to his mother’s dismay.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock your most likely already know about #HearMeMoveFilm everyone is talking about, the ever so gorgeous Amanda du Pont is in it, so is the sexy Boity Thulo, the legenderay Thembi Seete and the amazingly talented Lorcia Cooper are in it too, as if that’s not enough, funny man Trevor Gumbi and the sassy Khanyi Mbau are in it too, so it’s safe to say it’s a star studded film. Now, you too can be a part of this constellation, well at least virtually, how you may ask? Well, on Wednesday the 18th of February, get on Twitter and follow the hashtag #HearMeMoveFilm and be a part of something special, a never been done before Twitterview Marathon from 10 a.m to 5 p.m


What that means is, Book Of Swag + CoalStove will host an hour long Live Twitter Chat with 8 members of #HearMeMoveFilm meaning an 8 hour long Live Twittet Chat, now that’s major? And you’ve never heard of that before right? So get involved, join in the conversation, ask Boity or Khanyi or Amanda du Pont anything that you’d like to ask them, and they will get back at you, as long as your question ends with the hashtag #HearMeMoveFilm

Watch the trailer here :