Q&A with Pascal & Pearce #UltraSA

So we got to ask Pascal & Pearce a few questions ahead of their set at #UltraSA in 2 weeks, this is how it went down.


BOS: So who is Pascal & Pearce and how did you guy’s form the duo?


P&P: We are an electro/house production and DJ duo. We met in 2007 through mutual friends and have been doing this ever since!


BOS: So what differentiates Pascal & Pearce from other Deejay duos?


P&P: We like to think our production sets us apart from everyone else, and gives us our unique sound. But we’ve always worked to make sure our DJ sets set us apart as well, we always give it 100% when we’re up on stage!


BOS: whose idea was it to start the duo and how did you guy’s find your sound.


P&P: Pascal had been DJaying for years, and Dave had been producing for a while, so it really just seemed like a natural step for us to start working together. We hit the studio, and found out we had very similar goals and ambitions, so we decided to take it more seriously.


BOS: What was your favorite or most memorable gig?


P&P: Definitely Ultra South Africa 2014 – to share the main stage with such big names in the game was truly a dream come true for us!


BOS: What did it feel like when you fund out they wanted you guy’s to play Ultra?


P&P: We were beyond stoked, very humbled. As we said, it was truly an honor for us to be included in that line up… and we’re super excited for the 2015 one too, we can’t wait!


BOS: What music do you guy’s bump on a regular day??


P&P: It depends really, we both listen to a lot of different music… Good music knows no genre, and you can find inspiration in anything really! We really listen to everything, from Classical to Country, Hip Hop to reggae – between us we have A LOT of music!


BOS: What would you define as the perfect music festival and why?


P&P: A perfect music festival means the music is good (obviously), there are lots of bars so getting a drink isn’t a mission, lots of good food stalls, good people, a good vibe… it’s really just about getting the basics right! Ultra has nailed that one 🙂


BOS: What international festival would you love to play?


P&P: Jees there are quite a few… Obviously TomorrowLand would be amazing. SummerDaze in Australia would be cool too! Ultra Miami, Glastonbury… there are really too many cool festivals to name.


BOS: Which local & international act’s are you looking forward to at Ultra?


P&P: Armin will be cool, always a journey 🙂 Oliver Heldens should also be rad, we’ve never seen him before. And obviously Protoculture will blow the roof off the place!


BOS: Should we expect new music during your set at Ultra?


P&P: Definitely, we’ve been working on a lot of new music recently and we’re very excited to test it out at Ultra this year!


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