How Hanneke Rauch Buzzed Us

You know that saying about how beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Well, I don’t think that is necessarily true, I think beauty is in everyone that is kind and caring, everyone that is committed to changing the world for the better, especially for these young boys and girls. And you agree with my definition of beauty, then you would agree that Hanneke Rauch is the epitome of what beauty is. Hanneke is the Founder and Director of Buzz, a NEW kind of Performing Arts activity for South African children from 5 – 9. Buzz sessions are custom designed to develop children’s confidence, boost their social skills and offer them a platform to express their individuality. These aims are achieved through unique interactive Drama, Dance and Singing sessions. Children are led through improvised play and leave buzzing with creativity and confidence. Led by talented, trained Actor-teachers, your child will have the best fun all week at their regular Buzz workshop.

We had a sedentary interview with her at our office, she came in looking drained and exhausted, the price you pay for wanting to change the world, we offered her coffee the way she likes it, with milk no sugar, but for a second that didn’t seem to re-energize her either, until she started talking about the kids at Buzz and their 30 some Buzz leaders, I could say she started buzzing with enthusiasm but that would be cheesy and predictable. The right expression is; she lit up the same way Nelson Mandela did when he was around kids, smiling from ear to ear, radiating with warmth and lots of love.

After spending what could be described as a tough 5 year stint in London (UK) , she sought to come back to her beloved country of birth to pursue a career in theatre, but wasn’t going to be traditional theatre plays and scripts, this had the future of the world as a niche, the “KIDZ”. Hanneke explains to us that although accumulating wealth is at the core of every business, they( at Buzz) are inspired by the kids, they cross paths with on a daily basis, they don’t just cross paths with these little ones but they also seek to develop the creative side of the kids.

Buzz also woks closely with schools and homes across Joburg for now, The plan is to roll out the workshops to the rest of the province, country and if luck will have it the continent. After watching a video clip of the phenomenal work these “Buzz sessions” do for the facilitators and the kids, you know that this is how people should be doing their bit in changing the world. Apart from the cool music they compose and teach along with drama and dance, they honestly touch into a special side every kid needs to tap into. Confidence and from the testimonials from the parents, it is doing wonders for even the shyest of kids.

Hanneke also amplifies the importance of not just positive role models but sensitive ones that she happens to have in her team, which makes a world of difference to the children, boys and girls.

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