‘the dirt road’

Fresh from its successful debut in Paris, France ‘the dirt road’ makes it’s African debut at the 2014 National Arts’ Festival in Grahamstown, brought to you by Slice Bean Machine in association with Soweto Magazine.

This original South African stage play is written by up-and-coming theatre maker, actress and writer Kim Sanssoucie and fiercely directed by acclaimed theatre director Alby Michaels with original score by Zethu Mashika. The 2-hander has Sanssoucie as Kate Ndlela, a gentle school teacher and her husband, a prolific artist; Simphiwe Ndlela is superbly played by Naledi winning actor Nat Ramabulana.

Set in contemporary Johannesburg, this quirky but inherently tragic love story follows the relationship between a Xhosa man and an English-speaking Coloured woman. Their youthful romantic love is challenged by cultural disparity and common marital trials. An external incident causes them to harshly re-examine their own truths and expectations. ‘the dirt road’ is an honest portrayal of a tumultuous relationship enveloped by an authentic adoration between two lovers.

‘the dirt road’ was part of French Seasons 2013; produced by live performance production company Slice Bean Machine in association with the National Arts Council of South Africa.  It showcased at the American University of Paris as well as the Lavoir Moderne Parisien Theatre to wonderful reviews.

Andrew Davidson, Head of Comparative Literature at the American University of Paris and a New York Best Selling Author and Critic said of watching ‘the dirt road’.

“The audience felt as if they were intruding upon a real couple in the most private moments of their relationship. The feeling of honesty was so intense that at times it felt uncomfortable, in the best possible way”

“Fearless performances by both actors”

 – Andrew Davidson

‘the dirt road’ unapologetically comments on social issues that fall part of our current discourse in contemporary South Africa. It questions the relationship between our instilled traditions and our modern socio-economic environment with a post-apartheid backdrop. These themes are tackled through the relationship of an inter-cultural married couple. The play does not follow a linear timeline and has unconventional and stylized direction and lighting design which makes it a new, fresh piece of art from a proudly South African troupe.

Truly an original and contemporary slice of South African theatre not to be missed!

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